Here’s The Deal: Spring Court Sneakers


Style editor Linda Immediato answers your burning fashion questions.

This came from my roommate Jeremy, a recent transplant from NYC, who is always trying to stump me with hard-to-find menswear questions.

Q: Where can I find Spring Court sneakers in L.A.? I’ve searched everywhere and nobody carries them. They are the only sneakers I will wear. [He in fact wore out his previous pair. Jeremy is not only a footwear snob, he’s also a beer, wine, and food snob. He is not French, he just likes nice things.]

A: For those not familiar with the brand, Spring Court sneakers are the French version of the Jack Purcell by Converse. And by “French version” we are not only refering to the 1936 brand’s origin, but the style itself seems French-ified, with thinner soles, a softer rubber toe cap, and canvas made of pure Egyptian cotton. A removable (and washable) insole and patented eight-hole ventialtion system make them the sneaker of choice for those who prefer to go sockless, which adds to their appeal.

I searched around town, J.Crew used to carry them but have sold out. American Rag carries them, but not right now. I did find them at two locations, Sportie LA on Melrose and Black Market on Sawtelle—however, both admitted to having a limited selection of sizes at the moment, so you might want to call before you go. And if the shoe doesn’t fit… there’s always online.

Sportie LA, 7753 Melrose Ave., 323-651-1553

Black Market, 2023 Sawtelle Blvd., 310-966-1555