Grin and Bare It

What to wear when there’s nothing under there


Designers have long been fond of sending models traipsing down catwalks in various states of undress. This season, however, flashing may have reached an all-time high as collections ranging from Alexander McQueen to Valentino featured see-through frocks, tops, and skirts.
For the anti-exhibitionist the trend can seem daunting—unless you’re Lady Gaga, you’re not about to leave the house wearing nothing but your skivvies. To brave the transparent tide, just think of these delicate pieces as layers: Throw a lace dress over a slim-fitting top and skinny jeans in a contrasting color or over another dress. (Make sure the bottom layer is fitted so that it doesn’t bunch up.) And you can always enlist the help of a few forgotten modesty staples (see below).


The short one-piece pairs well with gauzy skirts and dresses regardless of hem length, while the full-body versions add drama to longer pieces.


If this item isn’t in your arsenal, it should be. The camisole is indispensable under blazers and low-cut blouses.


Forget the beige satin numbers of your youth and go for full and half slips in vibrant colors and prints.

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