Green is Mean: Lessons From A Makeup Junkie


I was stoked when the sampler box of shiny green powders, creams, liners and even tinted mascara arrived in the mail from Sephora. The cosmetic chain has once again teamed up with Pantone and announced this year’s it shade— Emerald.

Last year’s Tango Tangerine collaboration broke Sephora’s retail records— every six seconds, during the first month of its launch, someone was purchasing an item from the collection. However, unlike Tango Tangerine, Emerald doesn’t play as well with others. It’s a bossy shade that steals attention. And if you’re not careful, the color will wear you. I spent a week trying out the different products and came up with few pointers:

KEY: It’s all about the eyes, so let them be the focus. Keep cheeks and lips soft and light.

DAYTIME: Luckily, one of the big trends this spring is dressing in head-to-toe white— the blank canvas is perfect for delivering a dollop of emerald green. During the day, I recommend keeping it simple, lining your eyes with the bright matte Emerald liquid liner and either coating your lashes with the matching mascara or highlighting just the tips of your lashes with the blue-green shade. The high gloss Emerald nail polish ties it all together, especially on your toes with a pair of white strappy heels.

NIGHTTIME: Emerald really gets to shine when the sun goes down. I recommend wearing all black or cobalt or even an all-white evening ensemble and go for a peacock look on your eyelids. Using the  “BIONIC” color grid eyeshadow, highlight brownbone and inner corners of eyes with the pearly “White Alyssum” powder, brush “Emerald” over lids and just past the crease. Smudge  “Crown”  (a blue-purple shade) along upper and lower lash line.

Want more drama? The metallic lid liner stain is intensely Emerald, cover eyelids with it and dab the Emerald glitter dust over it, top off the over-the-top effect with the Prismatic false lashes that have a strip of Emerald glitter.

The Emerald Collection will be available at all Sephora stores and online at beginning in March.