Good Jeans Go Green


If you’re as attached to your denim as we are (what Los Angeles resident isn’t?), you probably also have a section of your closet dedicated to way-too-worn-in pairs of premium denim that you can’t wear or bare to part with—in spite of there being rips in all the wrong places. That go-to pair of blues was part of your life this past year! But maybe an opportunity to let them be part of someone else’s could be the push you need to purge.

Citizens of Humanity, Therapy, and blogger Samantha Hutchinson of “Could I Have That” are asking people to donate their once-loved denim to Cotton. From Blue to Green, a foundation that’s kicking off a denim drive to recycle old denim into insulation for new homes in lower-income communities. In celebration of the cause, Citizens of Humanity is hosting a preview of their Fall 2013 collection at the Therapy boutique at 65 E. Holly St. in Pasadena. Thursday, April 25th 5:00 – 8:00 PM