Gisele: Please Brush Your Hair and Stop Eating Sour Grapes


The media is all aflutter with post-Super Bowl updates—the most buzzy item is a videotaped rant by supermodel Gisele Bundchen, where she defends husband, New England Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady, essentially blaming his teammates for losing to the New York Giants.

For weeks leading up to the Super Bowl blogs and websites asked, who’s wife is hotter— Brady’s or Manning’s? Photos of the leggy Brazilian model were shown alongside images of the pretty and petite Abby Manning. As if that’s fair?

Well, hotter or not, after watching Gisele’s video, I think it is fair to say Manning’s wife is classier. It looks like Gisele didn’t even bother to brush her hair on Sunday—she just rolled out of bed and went to the Super Bowl. Though Patriot fans wish Jinxele (their nickname for her) would have just stayed home altogether…