Getting in Rachel Zoe’s Underpants


Comfy, yes. Sexy, not so much. That’s how I thought of Jockey underwear— its signature cotton brief was the mom jean of unmentionables. But, I did a double take when I saw stylist to the stars and reality TV veteran Rachel Zoe hawking her preferred pieces, touted as her “Major Must Haves” for the brand. To my surprise, I discovered they ranged from Victoria’s Secret- sexy to everyday practical—lacy and seamless varieties in thongs, mid-rise, and boyshorts, plus shapewear and tanks in super soft cotton blends. Stylish, sexy, and comfortable? What more could a girl want? Well, ok, maybe to raid Zoe’s wardrobe (seriously. check out this ABC tour of the woman’s closet and this InStyle exclusive of her Beverly Hills home).