Get To Know October Tastemaker Ron Radziner


Ron Radziner and his partner Leo Marmol gained fame restoring iconic midcentury homes by the likes of Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler. Much of their work involved re-creating details and fixtures that had long been out of production. Their firm, Marmol Radziner, has gone on to design a series of award-winning modern and prefab homes, schools, and community projects, such as the LEED Plati-num-certified offices of TreePeople in the Santa Monica Mountains. Their shop continues to produce custom windows, doors, mailboxes, and door handles as well as a line of custom furniture.

The jewelry began as a hobby. “I was designing a clothing store in Malibu,” says Radziner. “Their jewelry was beautiful but more lavish than where I go. I wished for something more elemental.” He sketched out a simple but elegant loop and had his in-house artisans hammer it from bronze and line the inside with leather. “My pieces are a little heavy, but their weight is part of the wonderful feel.”

Radziner’s jewelry is as minimalist and holistic as the houses his firm designs and restores. The unisex bracelets, rings, and pendants come in distressed and torched finishes. “I like things that have a patina. They get better with time.” » Marmol Radziner jewelry is available at

His Inspiration Board:

“The manzanitas in the Malibu mountains have sculptural forms and intense red bark and green leaves.”

“Rusty ruins inspire me. There’s a concrete table with rusty metal and glass in our conference room. I poured it myself—it relates to me and the jewelry.”

“I find beauty in the red, dry landscape of Joshua Tree.”

“The work of Mark Grotjahn has a roughness and depth to the paint. There’s quite a bit of color between the straight and curved lines.”

“In the garden at the Katsura Imperial Villa, you can almost see the beginnings of modernism in the way the forms were put together.”

“The Schindler House: the concrete and the redwood and the way it sits in nature. It ages incredibly—even if it were a ruin, it would look amazing.”

“I love my old Prada motorcycle boots. They’re very simple in their detailing and form.”

Photo credits: necklace, bracelets: courtesy Ron Radziner; painting: mark grotjahn, untitled (red butterfly), 2002; schindler house: courtesy schindler house; garden: getty images; moss: de agostini picture library/getty images; joshua tree, kelp, manzanita: shutterstock. Graphics: denise philibert