Get a Custom Designer Dress on Your Lunch Break

Faircloth & Supply designer Phoebe Dahl will be selling pieces from her summer collection at a Silver Lake pop-up until 7

Whimsy runs in the family: Phoebe Dahl (granddaughter to children’s book author Roald and cousin to model Sophie) launched a clothing line, Faircloth & Supply, last spring. Now through October 6, she’s running a Silver Lake pop-up shop to sell what remains of her summer collection of “understated and a little bohemian” looks, and at a discount. For customers who ask, she’ll give the linen garments a longer shelf life, too, by dying them fall- and winter-friendly shades of charcoal and indigo upon purchase, an idea she says she came up with as a way to stick with the brand’s eco-friendly values. In a city where dressing for the cooler seasons means layering warm weather pieces in richer tones, the idea is genius. Better still, Faircloth & Supply will donate a uniform so a girl in Nepal can attend school with every sale.

Faircloth & Supply Pop-Up: 3112 W. Sunset Blvd. Silver Lake

One bonus fact for Silver Lake watchers: Phoebe’s sister, Chloe Dahl, plans to open Chloe’s Lobster Booth, a New England lobster roll restaurant, with her fiancé, Nikki Booth, in the same space this December.