Let George Banks and Mel Horowitz Re-Kindle Your Father’s Day Flame

We’ve rounded up Father’s Day gifts for every kind of L.A. dad

Recall the scene in Father of the Bride when George Banks and Annie are shooting driveway basketball hoops and a very rare snowfall begins to coat Los Angeles. Father of the Bride may be the reason that you live in L.A. or the reason that you ever agreed to get married. It may be the reason that you work in a second-floor office in a sneaker factory or park a gleaming black convertible in your tree-shadow-dappled driveway. At the very least, it’s probably the reason that you have a basketball hoop in that driveway.

You may also remember the sound of Cher’s dad’s voice pouring out of her extremely large cell phone’s receiver in Clueless as he yells, “Everything in L.A. takes twenty minutes”–a statement that Waze disproves daily. Clogs and asparagus likely remind you of Cher’s dad yelling into his own enormous and antenna-ed clunker cell phone over a candlelit dinner as Cher tries to introduce him to Ty.


Photograph courtesy Tumblr

These and other movies have given us L.A.-dad-centric memories to share. Father’s Day is the time to rekindle these memories and, much more importantly, to think about and honor our actual dads. Not lucky enough to have your father with you in L.A.? Call him from your own huge cell and get him a great gift.

Whether your father is a sneakers-and-suit guy, loves the lawyer look, or has a low ponytail and a closet full of loose tops, we’ve got you covered with something he’ll love.

Happy Father’s Day to all.