Gen Art Fresh Faces: A Breath of Fresh Air


The evening, hosted by Avatar actress Zoe Saldana, was a marathon of emerging designers. Seven up-and-comers made their runway debut this past weekend— 71 STANTON, Dear Creatures, Funktional, ODYLYNE, Stand and Deliver, swimwear designer, We Are Handsome and menswear designer CHAMBERS.

Stand and Deliver was a dark, rock ‘n roll leather and grit collection brought to life by models skateboarding down the runway and others making out hot heavy. It was rebellious, and edgy. Made me think of Lisbeth Sander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.


In stark contrast Dear Creatures brought a sweet, doll like softness with a slight nautical edge. Made me think of Shirley Temple in the Good Ship Lollipop. Makeup was dewy, soft, ultra pretty and feminine.


The swimwear line We Are Handsome featured a collection of bikinis and one-pieces emblazoned with bright prints of horses, wolves and hot air balloons. They were whimsical, innocent and slightly nostalgic. The prints reminded me of the kinds of posters little girls hung in their bedrooms when they were 12 years old.



The 71 Stanton womenswear line countered the childlike innocence with its New York sophisticate preppy vibe. Very sleek,  sexy and grown up. 71-stanton

Funktional had a tribal native meets Western prairie element to their collection. It’s a trend we’ve seen a lot on the runways this season.


The menswear line Chambers was a ’90s grunge heavy reprise with lots of flannels, skinny jeans and Doc Marten like boots. 


And the womenswear line Odylyne was an ode to Greek Goddesses. Dangling heavy metal headdresses and flowing garments had a ’70s vibe with an ethereal other worldly quality. 


All in all, I’d say it was a tremendous showing, filled with new designers that collectively exhibited great promise. Can’t wait to follow up with a few of these rising upstarts.

PHOTOS: (Todd Williamson/WireImage)