Galina Soboloev is Staging the Kimono’s Comeback


At the 10th Anniversary party of Galina Soboloev’s Single Kimono Dress held at Decades on Melrose last night I knocked back a glass of Prosecco, nabbed a sneak peek of Sobolev’s new line of dresses, and chatted with the belle of the ball about her work, including my favorite look on display, The tomato red “Janessa Dress.” Here are highlights from our conversation:

 What was the process in creating this event and how did it start?
I was attending one of Cameron Silver’s vintage events for Jean Paul Gaultier in London and we started chatting about possibly doing something for the kimono dress.  Later, in L.A., we agreed that we should have an event to celebrate the dress’s 10-year anniversary and to reintroduce the history of our kimono, which really put Single on the map as a company.

Why do you believe kimono’s are so captivating?
There is a long-standing history of the kimono dress, dating back to ancient Japan, and even the loose, more fluid kimono dresses of the ‘70s.  The kimono is so captivating because it is such a versatile dress—it’s great for entertaining at home and it’s easy to dress up or dress down. I think there is a mystery to the kimono, a sort of romance.

What in L.A. inspires you?
I have been living in L.A. for 26 years and the city never ceases to amaze and inspire me. L.A. women inspire me. They all seem to have a natural, effortless style. I also love exploring and enjoying L.A., like walking through LACMA, taking a drive through Silver Lake, or having breakfast on Sunset. 

Which are your favorite L.A. stores?
Decades, American Rag, and Maxfield.

What’s next for Single?
We are currently re-launching our kimono dress. When we first launched it ten years ago, we sold over 50,000 different versions. I feel it’s time to bring the dress back because it’s been absent from the fashion scene for about 10 to 12 years. I am also working on a resort collection.