Full Circle Style: Chokers Are Back

How rad is that?

When I was in high school I had a fascination with the fashion of the ’70s. I’d scour thrift shops to add to my growing selection of decent polyester pantsuits, and celebrate the score of a denim—or better yet corduroy—pair of bell bottoms. I amassed a collection of front-pocket sailor denim that would make a navy man jealous. To complete the look, I’d borrow my friend Meredith’s mom’s leftover body suit and pair it with a ribbon choker with a cheap gold heart charm dangling from the middle.

My sweet aunt would laugh aghast at my throwback choices and swear that not only was I doing it all wrong, but that she couldn’t imagine why I was doing it all. She had lived the era herself was perfectly pleased to have moved on to shoulder pads and lavenders—or whatever sensible grown up fashion was at that time. It was the ‘90s after all.

Now that the ‘90s are “vintage,” I’ve come around to understanding her point of view. I can appreciate how fashion takes its cues from the past and I have to admit, when I first starting seeing cute little baby ladies running around in flannel and babydoll dresses—again—I thought to myself, “You’re doing it wrong… and why would anyone want to do that again?”

Then, while thrifting in Austin, TX, I answered my own question. I nabbed a sweet velvet dress in a burgundy paisley pattern that smacks of the ‘90s, and my inner teenager was reborn. I remember heading to the shows that night with a dark red lip, my velvet dress having turned me into Dolores O’Riordan. Naturally, I fashioned my woven leather headband into a choker necklace (with the help of some gold studs that I happened to have along). The chocker was back, officially, for me. Now I hear that it’s making its comeback for all, and I’m as glad as Angela Chase when Jordan Catalano walks by.

Betsy Moyer is a North Carolinian living in Los Angeles. Part bohemian and part fish out of water, she’s interested in what makes Angelenos unique and shares her lifestyle and fashion musings here on the Clutch. She also sings in a band, dabbles in thrifting and home décor, and blogs about blogging. Follow her daily on Instagram, Twitter, or at her blog, betsymoyer.com.