Four Inventive Watches for the Tech-Savvy Buyer

From ingenious to indestructible, these innovative pieces do more than tell time

The Romantic
Most of us know the hour—it’s the minutes we check on our watches. For its “Dressage l’Heure Masqueé,” Hermès tucked the hour hand behind the minute marker. But should you lose track, press the button on the crown and the hand springs into position, retreating when you let go. » $43,750 at Hermès, Beverly Hills, 310-278-6440.

The Daredevil
This chronograph has been run over by a 64-ton tank, dropped onto concrete from a height of 33 feet, and waterboarded with corrosive chemicals. After undergoing 130 tests of endurance, the “INOX” by Victorinox might outlast you. » $525 at Victorinox, Beverly Center, Beverly Grove, 310-659-0200.

The Crooner
Ulysse Nardin took inspiration from wind-up music boxes whose rotating cylinders emit tinny little tunes. It applied the concept by using silicium technology for the limited-edition “Stranger,” which plays Sinatra’s 1966 hit “Strangers in the Night” on the hour or on demand. » $120,000 at Feldmar Watch Co., Pico-Robertson, 310-274-8016.

The Magician
Self-winding watches may free up their owners, but they need to be worn to keep time. The horologists at Girard-Perregaux have engineered the “Constant Escapement L.M.,” the first wristwatch with perpetual motion, which continues to move while at rest.» $123,500 at Feldmar Watch Co., Pico-Robertson, 310-274-8016.