Drought-Friendly Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Shower Short but Sweet

H20-lite products will keep you feeling pampered during rationing

When California put into place the first ever mandatory water restrictions to deal with the years-long drought plaguing turning our once beautifully lush landscape dry, I was stunned. As a beauty writer, my shower is akin to an office. It’s where I have the most fun testing new scrubs, shampoos, and the like. It’s my job! Divesting myself of so many lovingly sought out beauty treats isn’t easy. But I am doing my part, and these multifunctional beauty products are helping by shaving time—and water—from my routine one body part at a time.

Cleansing is always the first step for me. On make-up free days, Skin Laundry’s Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths ($15) wipes away sunscreen and BB cream in one fell swoop. And, because the pre-moistened packs are soaked with a witch hazel solution (which prevents minor break-outs), I can skip the toner after rinsing. These cucumber-scented packs are seriously great for when you’re tired, lazy or even…ahem…too intoxicated to be bothered with the full soap-and-water-and-facial brush routine.
Time saved: 2 minutes

Longhaired girls need shampoo time. I want to lather up—and often—as my oily scalp leaves me looking like I belong in a garage band (which isn’t as cool in real life as on MTV) the day after a wash. Between us, an artfully undone mane was never my thing. But, if Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk ($19.50) is good enough for Karl Lagerfeld, it’s great enough for me. The powder spray cleans hair without a drop of water and doesn’t have that funky smell that some dry shampoos do. Hairstylist Ryan Richman says it’s important to hold the can at least six inches away from your head and spray the product onto your roots to keep product from building up.  He suggested I let the dry shampoo sit for two minutes to absorb excess oil and then, using a Mason Pearson-type brush, gently brush my hair to remove excess dry shampoo and distribute the product down the hair shaft. The trick worked. Klorane’s corn and rice starches completely absorbed the oils that would have otherwise weighed down my locks.
Time saved: 2.5 minutes

But, dear reader, I won’t lie to you. After day 3, I need to wash my hair. Instead of using two products, I recently tried out the mint smelling un-shampoo Purely Perfect Cleansing Crème Shampoo ($40). It’s technically not a shampoo (so expect no sudsing action), but it replaces both shampoo and conditioner. Two pumps are all I needed. Although it was hard to tell when the product was fully rinsed out, my dry, brittle ends were noticeably smoother and healthier looking after a use, probably thanks to the aloe vera and essential oils in the cream’s formula.
Time saved: 4 minutes

Dry shaving is a no-go; it causes razor burn and stings like hell. Rituals Shanti Shower Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil ($15) gave me the lube I needed to get a nick-free shave with my old school razor, then turned into a deliciously scented frothy body wash once I turned the faucet back on.
Time saved: 1.5 minutes

TOTAL TIME SPARED: 10 minutes per shower to help save our city for eons to come.

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