Flashback Friday: We Belong


You know that outfit you once coveted or the ensemble you scored and loved so much that you wore it until it fell apart? Style editor Linda Immediato looks back on her own sartorial memories and takes requests from readers (*see details below), colleagues, and friends, recreating grown up versions of those looks from childhood. This Friday, it’s— Pat Benatar’s We Belong

It was probably my first heartbreak, my first run-in with unrequited love. Pat Benatar’s We Belong video was in heavy rotation on MTV. I didn’t have cable television, but my best friend Sara did and she recorded the video on VHS for me. I watched it more times than MTV has ever played it. I would rewind it and play it again, crying and singing along “whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better, we belong, we belong, we belong together.” I thought she looked so sophisticated and cool in her white suit and bright green gloves. I never could get my mom to spring for a white suit, I was 10 years old and she said it totally wasn’t practical.

Recently, I met up with my old pal unrequited love and I once again found myself watching the video on YouTube—over and over. So I created this super awesome sexy outfit to cheer myself up.  So come on unrequited love, hit me with your best shot!

We Belong

(From left: Gaspar Gloves, Calvin Klein SS’13 white suit, Pat Benatar, Ben-Amun earrings)

*Want me to recreate a look for you? Email me: [email protected], put Flashback Friday in the subject line, and be sure to include a picture reference and a few sentences about the outfit and why it meant so much to you.