FIDM’s Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit


FIDM’s 20th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition pays tribute to the sartorial side of the movie biz by showcasing over 100 costumes featured in 20 films released in 2011. The glamorous exhibit includes costumes from all five Academy Award-nominated films and allows visitors to immerse themselves in the intricate details of each uniquely crafted costume that may have been overlooked on the big screen.

The elegant Art Deco inspired designs by Mark Bridges for the “The Artist” earned him a prestigious Academy Award. It’s a delightful surprise to see the vibrant colored costumes worn in the black-and-white film.  Featured are a flirty bright coral dress, an olive green raincoat and a floral printed umbrella worn by Peppy Miller. Not to mention the luxurious velvet coat draped over an elaborately beaded gold and black flapper dress.

In person you can see the  delicate lacing in Michael O’ Connor’s gowns designed for “Jane Eyre,” and the hefty dresses and coats from the Elizabethan era designed by Lisy Christl for “Anonymous.” Arianne Phillips constructed couture costumes of the 1930s for “W.E.,” and Sandy Powell’s extraordinary woven creations for “Hugo,” are remarkable, in particular the striking blue station inspector outfit.

A selection of historic pieces from Hollywood’s Golden Age, such as Mae West’s platform shoes, Fred Astaire’s scuffed tap shoes, and items worn by the likes of Rudolph Valentino and Michelle Pfeiffer are also on display.

The exhibit is open through April 28, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.  Admission is free. For more information click  here

Photo courtesy of FIDM, Colleen Atwood’s White Queen dress from Alice in Wonderland (worn by Anne Hathaway)