Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas


So, Father’s Day is just two days away and you got nothin’. Have no fear sons and daughters—we’ve got your back. From the dad who likes his whiskey on the rocks (not to mention the locavore dad) to the man who tends to lecture, we have selected eight L.A. stores across town that will have you covered, and quick. Swing by the one in your hood sometime before Sunday and when he opens your present, you can pull one of those, “I saw it month’s ago and just had to get it for you.” Ignore all sibling eyerolls.


theessentials_masa_t The Health Conscious
Gift: Organic Spirits

Dad’s eating organic nowadays? Well now he can drink organic, too!  Drop by the Greenbar Distillery downtown, buy him some Slow Hand Organic Whiskey ($43), and knock back a few taste tests while you’re down there yourself. Consider it the gift that keeps giving. » 2459 E 8th St, Los Angeles

theessentials_masa_t The Mixologist
Gift: Whiskey Decanter

Whose Pops doesn’t like to relax after a long day of work? Pick up this Juliska decanter ($198) from Haven & Co. and your dad can pour his glass in style. » 11965 San Vicente Blvd. Los Angeles

theessentials_masa_tThe Looker
Gift: Old Fashioned Cut and Shave Gift Package

Pamper your pops with Baxter Finely Barber & Shop’s Father’s Day package ($95). The gift set includes a service of either a straight razor shave or haircut and comes with travel-sized samples of their face wash, moisturizer, shampoo, aftershave, shaving cream, pomade and a small traveling bag. Lookin’ good, Daddy-O! » 515 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles

theessentials_masa_tThe Traveler
Gift: Leather Traveling Watch Case

Just when he thinks he can’t be any more organized, you go ahead and buy him a leather traveling watch case ($695) from Just One Eye. Good job, kid. » 7000 Romaine St, Los Angeles

theessentials_masa_t The Luddite
Gift: Record Player

Does the big guy still struggle when operating his old MP3 player? Kick all that new stuff and go back to the basics with record players from Ameoba Music ($150-$250). Whether you choose from the cool suitcase-style Crosley record players or opt for the crystal sound quality of the Audio Techinica AT LP-60’s, you can finally speak a language your dad understands. » 6400 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles

theessentials_masa_t The Lecturer
Gift: Film Camera

You can’t have a conversation without hearing, “When I was your age” and he’s told you the phrase “patience is a virtue” a billion times. Well he just may have a point. Instead of getting him a digital camera, trade all that instant-image satisfaction for a quality film camera ($200- $700) from Simon’s Camera on Highland and prove you were listening all that time. » 1213 N Highland Ave., Los Angeles

theessentials_masa_t The Hipster
Gift: Ipad Swivel Stand

His entire living room is powered with one remote and he collects vintage baseball bats. Keep up with your trendy dad by buying him a wooden Ipad Swivel Stand ($125) from Treeline Woodworks this Father’s Day, and let him know, hey, your’re pretty cool, too. » 3001 N Coolidge Ave, Los Angeles

theessentials_masa_t The Heat Seeker
Gift: Hot Sauce Sampler

He’s got a serious thirst for heat—you’ve even seen him order sriracha ice cream. Indulge the head of the house with Light My Fire’s quality and diverse selection of hot sauces ($5- $25), with flavors ranging from mild to “Ice! I need Ice!!” » 6333 W 3rd St., Ste 230, Los Angeles

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