Fashion Editor Problems: Moldy Chocolate Thank Yous


I want to set the record straight here.

No, I don’t get “tons of free stuff.”

Maybe, once upon a time companies lavished expensive gifts on fashion editors, but welcome to 2012 and the new economy.  Not that I could keep expensive gifts anyway, it’s against our corporate ethics policy. And my taste isn’t for sale, anyway. Fortunately, these tests of moral fortitude are far and few between. Instead of diamonds and designer luggage, I get moldy bits of chocolate. One PR company, as a thank you for writing about a client, sent me mini Hershey bars from Halloween circa 1995. I unwrapped the white paper, printed with the words “Thank You,” to find cadaver-grey versions of Mr. Goodbars and Krackels. Today, a package came from a luxury brand’s in-house PR to promote “holiday gifting ideas” it was smeared with melted chocolate and filled with broken candy canes. 

While I hate to sound to sound ungrateful, some gifts aren’t. So save the postage, send an email, and please, keep the chocolate. 

Thank you.