Fashion Editor Problems: Looking Like A Mental Patient on TV


LA Mag staffer Linda Immediato offers a peek at the sometimes not-so-glamorous life of a fashion editor 

MYTH: You must have a hair and makeup team fixing you up and designers jumping out of their showrooms begging to dress you.

The truth? I do my own hair and makeup for TV appearances and occasionally I accidentally overdo it and look like I escaped a mental hospital or I’m headed to join a kabuki troupe. At best, most TV guests get a touch up on set—a little powder on the nose, a spritz of hairspray and off you go. As for the clothes you are way on your own.

The dilemma: Yesterday I had to tape a live segment on KTLA’s morning show to promote Los Angeles magazine’s Best of LA issue (on newsstands now!). It was about 98 degrees at 8 a.m. and makeup just kept melting off my face. I must have changed clothes about four times before finally leaving my house. We were going to be shooting in a parking lot, in direct sunlight, so I settled on a Tucker mini dress (NYC designer Gaby Besora picked it out for me personally when she was in town promoting her pop up!). I wore it as a tunic with a thin belt from William B and striped shorts from our Best of LA winner The Stronghold in Venice.  I managed to stay cool, but the sun caused me to squint so it looked like I was scowling at everyone. I wish it was appropriate to wear sunglasses everywhere like Bono — #humblerag  

Check out the video below–how do you think I did?