Estee Lauder’s Latest Lets You Dream Your Way to Better Skin

The brand’s new wrinkle fighter works best over night

Just when you thought Estee Lauder’s best selling Advanced Night Repair couldn’t be beat (a bottle sells every 8.5 seconds), along comes an eye cream—Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II ($58)—which uses the brand’s proprietary technology to work on the fine lines, darkness, and crow’s feet caused by environmental pollutants found in our city’s smog-ridden air.

Recent wrinkle ranking stats have shown L.A. is the 16th most wrinkle-prone city in the U.S. and that our ozone levels are also higher than normal (thanks to the perpetually gridlocked 405 freeway construction projects, perhaps?), although they are much better now than they were 20 years ago. Still, more pollutants mean more damage for the delicate skin under our eyes, which is the thinnest layer on your entire body.

The key to re-energizing and brightening dark circles is the buzzy new ChronoluxCB™ technology exclusive to the Lauder labs. It works on the skin cells’ catabolysis cellular repair process at night, an activity that declines with age and becomes de-synchronized. Lauder’s eye serum promises to renew the skin overnight as you slumber away.

The concept of nighttime renewal is catching on quickly. Estée Lauder executive director of skin biology, research & development Dr. Nadine Pernodet PhD says, “Night has been scientifically proven to be the best time for skin to get optimal repair. Now add to that our most recent research that shows lack of sleep impacts skin function and appearance and I think we have a powerful message for women: Nighttime is the right time to renew the look of skin.”

The never greasy gel texture of the cream gives you a shot of hyper-moisture from hyaluronic acid, which also plumps up the skin. About half a pea-size dollop of the deeply penetrating formula is enough to spread under both of my eyes. I used it after a late, late ladies night out and found it to be the perfect base for my BB cream the morning after. And, sensitive skins should know they won’t experience any irritation; The eye gel is oil and fragrance free.


A native Angeleno, Navdeep Mundi is a Leo, hates cilantro, and has studied beauty products for more than 18 years. She spends her days directing media and strategy and her nights sniffing out slightly quirky yet impeccably pretty things along with her German Shepherd, Le Tigre.