Erin Wasson Makes the Leap into Fine Jewelry

The model’s new, fine jewelry line is all made in L.A.

The accumulation of a piece of fine jewelry can serve as a marker of a specific time, person, or feeling. Jewelry is a form of adornment, of course, but it’s intimate and should primarily be worn for its wearer. Its materials are ancient, precious, and often powerful. The highly-personal process of selecting a piece of jewelry requires a great deal of patience and discernment.

Erin Wasson has dipped into in jewelry before. Her costume line, Low Luv, is a hash of religious symbols and historical references: crosses, stars, petroglyph-esque marks, evil eyes, arrowheads, scarabs, and thunderbirds. All of these signifiers are incorporated into different stone-less, base-metal pieces–body chains, clunky cuffs, thick necklaces, and oversized rings. The use of humorless re-appropriation is a bit overwhelming. But Wasson has an eye, and her carefree Venice Beach aesthetic is heavily referenced and imitated.

LowLuv by Erin Wasson
Low Luv by Erin Wasson

Her second collection, called Wasson, is more refined. Erin Wasson chose to design the new line because she, like most of us, found that as she grows older she gravitates towards buying fewer things that are each of a higher quality. The 25-piece fine jewelry collection will be made of sterling silver, gold, pearls, and diamonds. Everything will be made in L.A. The pieces will retail for between $500 and $2,500 and will be available later this year.

Wasson often speaks to her appreciation of the concept of permanence, and the pieces in her new line are meant to comply with just that. Jewelry and tattoos (both of which the model has masses of) can be worn for a person’s entire life–and Wasson pieces are meant to be loved and kept forever.