Double Stick Tape: It’s Not Enough


Every award season, you’ll spot a handful of strap-hating stars who spend the entire evening pulling up the bodice of their dresses. It’s not attractive. It’s annoying for them, and annoying for us. But it begs a couple of questions—Why do they choose ill-fitting dresses that they know aren’t going to stay put? And more importantly, how is it that we have a convoy of rovers circumnavigating Mars, we have a probe reaching the far edges of our solar system, but nothing exists to suitably hold up a pair of ta-tas for a few hours? Stylists recommend double stick tape to prevent slippage, but sweat, lotion, and all that tugging renders the stuff useless. And in some cases, tape just ain’t gonna cut it. If you’re built like Christina Hendricks and really need to wear a strapless dress, you better call in the Army Corp of Engineers— otherwise, you might want a dress with straps.  For those who need less support and more staying power there is a secret weapon some pros know. In fact, some dudes like Ted Danson and Jason Alexander know about it too— toupee tape. It’s a super strong adhesive that is able to stick for days. It can even keep Jeremy Piven’s dome covered in the fiercest of Santa Anas.