David Yurman Puts Down Roots


A quick Q&A with the jeweler and sculptor

You live in New York but spent a couple of formative years in L.A.
In the mid-’60s, I went to Santa Monica College and lived in Venice, at Ocean and Wave Crest. This was before the hippies, when the beatniks were still there. It was wild—all pills, pushers, prostitutes, and perverts. There was lots of music, art, and drugs. It was the first time I lived on my own, my first taste of freedom.

You just tripled the size of your Rodeo Drive store and expanded in South Coast Plaza. Why the West Coast push?
My wife [Sybil, who’s also his partner] and I met in California, and our jewelry—what we call our ‘long-term art project’—was conceived here. Now we’re putting down roots. Our Beverly Hills store is our only boutique out of the 26 around the world that will house my sculptures and my wife’s paintings. In a way, we feel like we are coming back to California. 

Photograph courtesy David Yurman