Dapper Day


Well, unfortunately, you can file “Dapper Day” under “Another Awesome Event You Probably Missed Because of the Super Bowl.”

Info about this fashionable event just came in over the transom from fellow LA Mag staffer Chris Nicols.

According to the Dapper Day Web site:

“The original Disneyland designers frequently populated their renderings with guests who appeared dressed for a day of sophisticated entertainment, men in sharp suits, toddlers working two-pieces, and ladies looking like a page from Dior’s sketchbook – all as if a visit to Disneyland were on par with a night at the opera. And why shouldn’t it be?”

So… organizers (completely independent and not associated or affliated with Disney in any way) decided to gather the sartorial set and descend upon the theme park in style, the way they believe it was meant to be experienced. I’ve re-posted (from the Dapper Day Web site) a few pictures from this past Dapper Day held last Sunday, Feb 5th at Disneyland, as well as some original Disney artwork that also appears on the site. But please be sure to check out the site, there are a ton of photos up already and creators promise more pictures soon. 

So far, there doesn’t appear to be another Dapper Day planned this year, but join their facebook page or follow the group on Twitter to stay in the loop.