Dancing Queens Rejoice! It’s Time To Kick Up Your Heels

Finally, platform shoes that are as comfy as flip-flops

Need a little bounce in your step? Floggs have a wooden heel with a rubber sole (part clog) and an EVA rubber insole (part flip-flop) that acts as a shock absorber. Carol de Leon, founder of the L.A.-based company that makes the shoes, modeled the line on the wooden styles that epitomized California cool in the ’70s. Dr. Scholl’s-like sandals and four- and six-inch platforms come in a variety of colors, from earthy neutrals to glam metallics to artsy patterns. Put ’em to the test the next time you head to “Funky Sole Night” at the Echo. » Flats ($100), 4-inch midheels ($125), and 6-inch high heels ($150) available at Nordstrom, the Grove, Beverly Grove, 323-930-2230.