CUBICLE CATWALK: The Prada Leisure Suit


Fashion editor Linda Immediato test drives the latest trends in the LA Mag office, staffers sound off….

What: By now, you’ve seen the ads and countless magazine fashion editorials of starlets and models in Prada’s new Fall/Winter 2012 leisure suits covered in bright geometric patterns. And maybe you’ve thought to yourself, who would wear that? Especially here in L.A. where that much padded polyester could give you heat stroke — even in November. I gave it a whirl, here’s what my colleagues had to say:

Prada Suit

Editor 1:  Austin Power Rangers.

Editor 2: It’s like Mr. Roper and Mrs. Roper all rolled into one.

Copy Editor: Well, it’s certainly a conversation starter.

Editor 3: It makes me think you must be the most interesting person in the world.

Research Editor 1: You get props for fashion courage.

Intern: Kind of amazing.

Receptionist: I heard you were causing a stir in the office.

Editor 4:  It’s an eye opener.

Verdict: I felt pretty powerful, actually. It could have been the heat but it made me want to fire someone, hire them right back, and then ask them to pick up my dry cleaning and take my car in for an oil change… after picking up a steak from Smith & Wollensky in New York (“I don’t care where the restaurant is, I want a ribeye, medium rare!”) Damn. Apparently, the devil does indeed wear Prada. I admit, it would be too hot here in L.A. for that suit, most of the year, however there are a few months when my fireplace roars to warm my limbs, and I think there would be a time the suit could work at fashion-y party at a swanky mid-century house in the hills. Yeah, baby!