Fashion editor Linda Immediato test drives the latest trends in the LA Mag office, staffers sound off….


WHAT: Stop Staring! Sailor Girl Romper
(modeled by Twilight actress Ashley Greene at left)

Editor 1: What’s up Good Ship Lollipop?

Receptionist: It reminds me of Sailor Moon, but in a good way.

Copy Editor: Cute! You pull it off!

Intern 1: Cute dress!

Intern 2: You look really cute, you’re kind of redefining office wear. 

Verdict: I wasn’t sure if the romper came off too cosplay or too young or too both which is really creepy. But, I think “cute” was the operative word here. With the fit a little looser than it is on Ashley Greene above, it veered more toward Julie Cruise Director than pinup.   I paired it with navy blue peep-toe platform slingbacks and definitely avoided adding a costumey hat. A simple gold faith, hope, and charity pendant (which has a tiny anchor, a heart, and a cross)  and gold hoop earrings. I think it worked. I’m not ready for vaguely fetish wear to redefine business appropriate but the outfit would’ve been right at home swing dancing at Los Globos.

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