Cubicle Catwalk: Necomimi Cat Ears


Fellow senior editor Elina Shatkin pinch hits this Cubicle Catwalk from Comic-Con and convention-goers sound off…

WHAT: Necomimi’s brainwave controlled cat ears developed by an anthropologist, robot creator, media artist, designer, producer, and neuroscientist. Using two bio sensors (one on your forehead and one clipped to your ear lobe), the device reads your brainwaves and translates the signals telling the ears to move—down when you are relaxed and up when you are interested or highly focused.

The company had pitched these robotic ears as “the new spirithood” and said they were going to be HUGE at Comic-Con. So Shatkin took them for a prowl…

VERDICT: “I wore them around Comic Con and the streets of San Diego this weekend. I got a few, “Cool. Where’d you get those ears?” comments but not more than that. Given that I’m not wearing a skintight pleather bodysuit or short shorts, knee-high boots and a cape or spilling out of a slave Leia costume, the ears are relatively tame for CC. I did, however, see several other people wearing them. I think mostly they were promo people who worked for the company that makes them. The company made a big push at CC. I do not think they are the new spirit hood. Also, they gave me a headache after about an hour.”

Q: But didn’t they make you feel like the gal in this video

ES: Yes! It totally freed up my schedule and gave me a lot of time to sit on park benches and eat donuts. Also, it temporarily transformed into a petite adorable Asian girl.