CUBICLE CATWALK: Caviar Manicure


Fashion editor Linda Immediato test drives the latest trends in the LA Mag office, staffers sound off….

WHAT: Joining the latest 3D nail art craze comes Ciaté’s Caviar Manicure. The DIY kit comes with two bottles (one containg a solid nail polish and one filled with tiny metallic glass beads), a lid that doubles as a tray, and mini funnel. There are three different versions to choose from Stop the Press (gunmetal, pink, silver pearls), Head Turner (teal and bronze pearls) and Candy Shop (turquoise, hot pink, and orange pearls). 

caviar manicure

Photo editor: My first reaction is “Oooooh!” and my second reaction is “Those are gonna fall off all over the place!”

Editor 1: I think I’d be more worried I’d get stuff stuck in them. What if I wanted to mix meatballs or something. There’d be bits of meat stuck in them. Seems unsanitary. Then again, the woman wearing a ‘caviar manicure’ probably isn’t mixing meatballs.

Editor 2: I’d be worried that they’d fall off when I was shaking someone’s hand. That’d be kind of embarrassing.

Editor 3: I’m mesmerized!

Intern: I would never wear it!

Intern 2: They’d be great for a costume, like if you dressed as soft serve ice cream

Editor 5: I can’t even paint my own nails with regular polish! That looks way too complicated.

Editor 6: They look cool, especially with your belt and ring. I give it two thumbs up!

Editor 7: They look good enough to eat, like sprinkles or nonpareils

Verdict: Though my nails do look good enough to eat  AND the box depicts pearl beads coating a pair of lips, a warning on the side reads: “For use on fingernails only. Do not use on any areas of the face. Not to be inhaled or swallowed.” So, heads up, this is not a product for compulsive nail bitters. To my surprise, I found application to be a breeze, as easy as painting my nails with normal polish, but alas the beads do fall off. Even as I type this tiny metallic glass beads are occasionally pitter-pattering down my keyboard. It’s impossible not to touch my nails, sending more flying off. Bottomline: I think they look pretty cool, but I would definitely reserve them for one special night out. There not for everyday digits. I’ll do a post-script and let you know how they held up. I don’t think I’ll tackle any meatballs though…

If you want to try your own caviar manicure, Ciaté kits are $25 and available at Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor. And let us know your experience in the comments section below…