Coachella Revisited: H&M’s Make-Out Tent and Capsule Collection for AIDS Research


Ok, it wasn’t really a “make-out tent” and all kinds of kisses were encouraged, not just the French kind. H&M had what was probably the best sponsor tent at Coachella this year, and that’s because unlike the others, H&M wasn’t trying to sell you something, or hold you captive to unleash a sales pitch on you while you charged your cell. The tent was pretty remarkable, it featured a water bar (because hydration is important!) and a beauty bar, where Kiehl’s had generously donated all kinds of products to help keep festivalgoers fresh; the main lounge had AC (and yes cell charging stations) and water-filled couches under a giant disco ball— it also had two photo booths where guest were encouraged to Kiss For A Cause.  Photos were printed and added to the walls of the tent, while Instagram users could upload their own kissing photos. For every Foursquare, Twitter, or Instagram user that mentioned the hashtags  #kissforacause and  #hmusa H&M would donate $1 to AIDS research organizations.

But the Swedish company didn’t stop when the epic two weekend run of Coachella did, on Thursday April 26th, a collection of tops and leggings featuring African prints and Maori and Inuit designs will go on sale in more than 300 stores and 25 % of the proceeds will go to HIV/AIDS awareness organizations. Check out the collection here.