Character Study: Emmanuelle Seigner in Frantic


Style editor Linda Immediato takes requests— and puts together modern looks based on characters (real and imagined) that have captured the sartorial aspirations of friends, readers, and colleagues.

This week, the request comes from LA Mag deputy editor Nancy Miller: Emmaneulle Seigner in Frantic (1988)

“The plot of Roman Polanski’s late-80s thriller is about an American man (Harrison Ford) in Paris who is haunted by the disappearance of his wife. But the memory from the film that’s stuck with me for decades is the red dress and black leather jack worn by his French co-star Emmanuelle Seigner. The indelible style moment takes place in some Left Bank dance club where for some storyline reason I can’t remember, Seigner begins wiggling and shimmying around Ford to Grace Jones’ slinky hit “I’ve Seen This Place Before.”  Her hair is a messy bob, her makeup is the quintessential 80s chic with a smoky eye framed by Brooke Shields-like thicket of brows and a slash of crimson matte lipstick. As she maneuvers around a befuddled Ford, we see that the back of the red dress is artfully shredded down her spine. With the black tights and low-key black flat, it was somehow demure and brazenly suggestive at the same time. As a teenager cooped up in a Massachusetts boarding school watching all this play out VHS, I was transfixed. I think the coolest part—and the detail that makes the look so damn French is the oversized black motorcycle jacket. How do you say, “bad ass” en Français? “

 STYLE NOTES: Joseph long sleeve red dress, I love the gold studs on this very chic Balmain motorcycle jacket, and to tie it together I found gold-studded Tory Burch ballerina flats. The look is bad ass, but more modern and more chic.

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