Character Study: American Horror Story’s Three-Breasted Woman

A pair of Loubs ooze all the femininity (and none of the freakishness) of Angela Bassett’s Desiree Dupree

With The Strongest Man on Earth, conjoined twins, and a bearded lady in residence, American Horror Story‘s circus is a sartorial wonderland. The show’s fourth season, which wraps up tonight on FX, has explored the lives of members of a struggling freak show in 1950s Florida. One of the members, Desiree Dupree (Angela Bassett), performs as The Three-Breasted Woman. Desiree’s character is an homage to pure spectacle, and her style reflects her womanly appeal: It’s retro, feminine, and bold.

She sticks to fur jackets and close-cut silhouettes on the series, but Christian Louboutin’s Salonu pumps channel Desiree’s mysterious allure without the creepy, homicidal undertones, which makes them the perfect side act to an LBD. Plus, thanks to a fishnet T-strap and pointed toe detail, the red-soled shoes would add a can’t-look-away piece to your wardrobe, and not in a you-have-a-third-boob kind of way.


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