Catching Up With Jewelry Designer Alexis Bittar

The Brooklyn-based designer is popping by the Century City Bloomingdale’s this weekend. We couldn’t wait that long

Fans of jewelry designer Alexis Bittar can get their lucite fix this weekend. The Brooklyn-based designer is popping by the Century City Bloomingdale’s on Saturday, April 18 (3 p.m.—5 p.m.) to chat about his latest line, take snaps, and sign a piece or two. His latest collection pays homage to the ’80s but still carries a futuristic vibe. We wanted to know more.

How is the L.A. customer unique?
The thing with L.A. is that it’s a little more casual. But there’s a real appreciation for fashion. There’s an alliance with a rocker/Parisian sensibility. Daywear and nightwear lines are more merged.

Your latest ad features 93-year-old Iris Apfel and 19-year-old Tavi Gevinson. What’s the thought behind it?
I look at advertising as kind of adult graffiti. I like the idea of giving a message that’s not just about product. I really focused on the topic of ageism. I’ve had ads featuring Joan Collins, Ab Fab, and now Iris Apfel [editor’s note: a documentary on the style maven hits theatres April 29]. I liked that they were not taking fashion so seriously, and I also liked the fact that they were mature.

How would you describe your new collection?
 It’s kind of a nod to ’80s punk—I have a hard time letting it go. It’s minimal with an edge.

You are the sci-fi go-to guy. Your jewelry has been featured in films like Elysium, Star Trek, and The Hunger Games. What’s your next space adventure?
I am working on the next Star Trek. Michael Kaplan [Blade Runner, Fight Club] is the costume designer for that—he’s wonderful. My pieces glow really beautifully. There’s just something futuristic in the way they glow.