Catch Of the Day

Avant-garde and eco-friendly, fish skin is poised to make its biggest splash yet

Photograph by Dimitri Newman

It’s fashion conscious to be environmentally conscious—witness the recent uproar over Reese Witherspoon sporting an outlawed python purse. Fish skin, a discarded by-product of the canning industry, is the leather accessory du jour: It’s shiny and recyclable. High-end designers like Manolo Blahnik, who recently collaborated on a tilapia skin sandal, are stressing the material’s sustainability. Plus, who couldn’t use a little more Omega-3?

SHOE IN: Designer Marianne Kooimans chose perch skin to accent her gold lace-up stilettos. $525 at Koko Venice, Venice, 310-392-7770OFF THE CUFF: Fendi’s “Chameleon” bracelet in stingray, a close relative of the shark, makes a statement. $1,245 by special order at Fendi, Beverly Hills, 310-786-8269. SHINE ON: Kelly Locke used glazed tilapia leather for his “Mimi” clutch. $610 at Arcade Boutique, West Hollywood, 323-944-0018.