Bumble and Bumble’s New Beachy Approach to Lived-In Waves

All the beauty of surfside hair, sans sand

If there is one look L.A. ladies can make happen, it’s beachy hair. We’re the masters of free flowing, air-dried waves. But even masters know when to accept help. And now Bumble and Bumble has launched a new salt-in-oil formula, which allows you to spritz sea water over tresses without experiencing its drying effects. Surf Infusion ($27) has a mellow blend of tropical oils and sea botanicals (like algae and kelp extracts) that conditions tousled curls while preventing hair from getting too tacky or matted. I was a bit worried about a salted treatment drying out my newly highlighted locks, but Bumble and Bumble global artistic director Laurent Philippon appeased my nerves. “Surf Infusion is less drying on coarse or color-treated hair types” he said, “and creates a smoother, softer wave.”

The trick to getting crunch-free hair is to follow a few light spritzes with a little bit of finger combing. To create deeper waves on finer hair (like mine), spray the stuff directly onto the middle and ends of dry hair at night, tie it all up into a top knot, and wake up to a look that should last all day. Longhaired chicks will love the product’s airy texture—like the look itself, it’s not heavy.