Bringing Back a Classic


Fendi is re-launching its Selleria line of handbags next month in select locations, and lucky for local purse aficionados, one of those spots is the Beverly Hills flagship store.

The names of the bags pay homage the brand’s history and commitment to handmade lux leather goods. The re-launch comes in eight new models, six of them named for brand co-founder Adele Fendi and the five Fendi sisters. The numbers in each of the bag names refer to the exact number of hand-done stitches on each bag.

Our favorites are the slouchy Carla 650, the Franca 2058 and the Peekaboo 1584 (unfortunately, not named for one of the Fendi girls.) All the Selleria handbags are made in the traditional style of the line with Roman leather and palladium metal trimmings, but the re-launch brings new shapes and color palettes, like peacock blue and toffee.