Bootights: An Idea With Legs

Goodbye pantyhose, hello comfortable cold-weather coverage

When I find something I love I stick with it, be it a career, a boyfriend, or a breakfast cereal. So when I find a pair of boots I love, I wear them almost everyday.

Tights? They’re another story. I love the bare legged look but there’s something about showing skin in December (even in Los Angeles) that seems unseasonal. Tights are a necessary headache in winter, like changing the oil in your car and paying your taxes. Unfortunately they’re slippery and thin, and I’ve never found ones that I love enough to buy in multiples. In the colder weather (the only time you’d want to wear them, really) they leave my feet a throbbing, blistered mess. Plus… the snagging. Oh, the snagging!

But last week I received a pair of simple black Bootights—a product that’s sturdier than the average pantyhose and comes with a warm, cushy sock attached—in a holiday party gift bag, and the discovery has turned me into a believer. There’s nothing sweeter than when form meets function, and this sturdy fashion hybrid feels unbelievably luxurious. I think most women appreciate a little convenience around the holidays. That’s why I’ll be buying bootights to gift as stocking stuffers for my mom and sister (they live in Baltimore and Brooklyn respectively. Brrrrrr.) Actually, Bootights are such a genius idea I can’t believe I didn’t think of them myself. Luckily, Shelby Mason did.

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