Blogger Hand-Me-Downs


Buying up the closet of someone who’s made a career out of being enviably stylish is pretty much the ideal shopping experience. Tomorrow, a crew of some of L.A.’s most famous fashion bloggers is getting together and letting you do just that at their shopping event, the Blogger Bazaar.

This is your chance to buy that sweater they got for free and wore that one time three months ago (hey, at least we know these clothes can’t be too worn-out.) The $1 entry fee will be going to various charities, and co-host Aimee Song of Song of Style will be donating 50% of her sales to STAR.

We’re totally guilty of following these bloggers’ every posed candid move by their photographer boyfriends, but with so many opportunities to give back in Los Angeles, we think it would be cool if these bloggers opted for karma over cash and donated their duds to a clothing drive or considered giving 100% of the money to philanthropy.

Regardless, it’s generous of them to let us get at their clothes we’ve been coveting, and the deals are pretty sweet. Blogger Bazaar participant Shea of Peace Love Shea wrote on her blog that almost everything she sells will go for $10 or $20. And if you don’t end up finding any suitable hand-me-downs, there will be free manicures by NCLA.

The Blogger Bazaar will run from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Westin Mitchell Design Group at 737 Kohler St.