Best Hair Goes To… American Hustle

Forget the acting, directing, and other categories. We’re handing out our own fashion awards to the Golden Globe nominees

Ask anyone what they thought of American Hustle and you’ll likely get some variation of this review:  “It was entertaining and I loved the costumes.” While we couldn’t agree more, we did notice that many fail to mention the scene-stealing performances of an elaborate comb-over, a poodle perm,  and a towering pompadour.  We’d like to acknowledge these silent stars, who expertly conveyed each leading man’s motivation—deceit, vanity,  and ambition. Still, we couldn’t help but drool over the Studio 54-era clothes worn by the film’s leading ladies— Amy Adams channels ’70s-era Bianca Jagger in furs, sequins, and floppy hats, while Jennifer Lawrence sizzles like a “science oven” in Halston-esque body-con dressses. Scroll through the slideshow above for some of our favorite looks from this Golden Globe-nominated film.