Bent on Macramé


Is it just me or is macramé sneaking back into our lives, adorning our walls and holding up our ferns?  

I can recall from my baby days in the early ‘80s the hand-knotted owls, plant huggers, and large wall hangings stored in the den of my aunts and uncles’ homes, leftover decorations from the previous decade. My next brush with the style came during my college days, which were spent cross-legged on living room floors of my granny-chic apartment, tying square knot after square knot of hemp to create jewelry or a beaded door. I was such a hippie wannabe for that minute.

Lately I’ve noticed the art form popping up (and hanging around) in the backdrops of gorgeous modern bohemian interiors, like the Molly Sims Pop-Up AirBnB project by Bash Please. I had to do a little digging to find that the artist behind this piece is Sally England, but I’m thrilled with the discovery because now she is my new favorite person to follow on Instagram.

The emerging trend isn’t limited to wall art and hanging plants though. A new chandelier option is available on the Anthropologie site. If you are feeling footloose, fancy and free, you can wear the look yourself, or, if you are on a budget, here’s a DIY T-shirt trick that will have you faking it till ya make it.

The Macramé Gypsy Swing pictured above, custom made by Etsy Shop MajikHorse, is my favorite of the bunch, and it made it official: I love this new take on the old arts and crafts trend from the ‘70s.

My new hobby will be scouring Craigslist and eBay for sick finds like this one, or perhaps even going so far as to try my hand at learning the craft, efforts I’ll be documenting on this Pinterest board. If you are so lucky to get your hands on a piece, I want to see it, too. Then let’s check back in with one another in another forty years and see what macramé’s round three looks like.