Before Our Eyes: The Magic Castle Reveals Strict New Dress Code


Sorry tourists, but flip-flops and denim have been blacklisted at the Magic Castle, effective last month. The world-famous clubhouse is buttoning up their dress code in an attempt to maintain an “elevated and elegant” atmosphere. This means that from now on you’ll have to tighten up those ties and tuck in those dress shirts should you be granted entry into L.A.’s exclusive club.

The website maps out the amendments with little room for doubt. With 46 rules in total, you may want to review the club guidelines very carefully, or risk the humiliation of being turned down at the door. Don’t know the difference between “Smart Casual” and “Dressy Casual”? Fear not. We’ve come up with a cheat sheet for maneuvering the Magic Castle’s tricky dress code:

  • Men, take note. No loose tie knots will be permitted in the evening at the Magic Castle. But if you can’t tighten up your tie game, breathe easy. Turtlenecks, ascots, and yes—jeweled collars—all get the green light.
  • Leggings are a controversial topic in fashion. Are they pants, or are they underwear? Luckily, the Magic Castle has settled the score once and for all. Leggings shall not be tolerated.
  • If you must don your favorite pair of jeans, there’s still hope. Denim will be permitted exclusively on Friday afternoons.
  • Who said chivalry is dead? Though walking through the Castle sans jacket is a no-no, removing one’s jacket to “wrap a female guest” is a club-approved gesture.
  • Ladies, the Magic Castle requests you wear an evening or cocktail dress. Pantsuits, though not preferable, are acceptable. But remember, your blazer must match your pants, or you will be asked to leave.