Beauty Counter Intelligence: Erno’s Super Face Soap

Time to hit the bar

Erno can do no wrong in my eyes. The beauty brand’s White Marble Treatment Bar ($45) is a new find, one that brightens up dull skin with its proprietary nano-encapsulated LumiWhite Complex, fruit enzymes, and salicylic acid—ingredients that gently exfoliate as you wash off the day’s dirt and makeup.

It’s not a drying kind of bar; the soap cleans without stripping skin of natural oils and nicely lathers up with “comfortably-hot” water to normalize the skin’s pH balance. The foamy froth kept my problem skin happy, though, sadly, I know it won’t do much for the deeply embedded sunspots. A complementary serum can be paired with the bar to inhibit those irritating spots from growing, but I’m sticking with just the soap. It just feels so luxurious.