Barbie’s Selfie Game Is Kim Kardashian-Strong

The beauty icons share a makeup artist now

Barbie has been galavanting Europe making her way from fashion week to fashion week. As the month draws to a close, she enlisted Pat McGrath, makeup artist to the stars (from Oprah to Kim Kardashian) to give her a few new looks—and help her up her selfie game, too.

Barbie’s 1 million Instagram followers were the first to see her new looks, which dropped in a series.

For the first look, McGrath hand-painted Barbie’s face with a dramatic, tear-drop shaped swarm of gold Swarovski crystals, winged eyeliner, and plum lipstick.

Next, Barbie’s hair was treated to a peroxide dye job, a blushy, electric-pink forehead contouring treatment, and strokes of colorful, geometric eyeliner.

Then came elongated brows, a swooping, severe cat eye, a silver septum ring, a super-dark upper lip, and a jewel-covered bottom lip.

Finally, Barbie wore blunt bangs and a smear of teal eyeshadow, toned down with a pink lip.

We love that the looks were debuted on Instagram, as a nod to our selfie-absorbed culture, and the concept behind each look is interesting (especially the pink forehead contouring).

Each look can easily be translated into real life, real-face situations. Want to try one of McGrath’s ideas on for size? Try the two tone lip: just apply a lip stain to your bottom lip, and then select a second lip stain (in a different shade of the same color) to swipe onto your top lip.