Apparently, It’s A Thing: Hair Color (Down There) For Men


A box of Below the Belt (BTB) Pubic Hair Color— For Men showed up in the mail today. Boasting a trademarked tagline “Color Where It Counts” the package also featured blurry “Before” and “After” photos of what can only presumably be close ups of someone’s pubic hair (ew). Inside the box we found gloves, a condom, a vial of powder, a brush/comb, and instructions noting the “Ok Zone” for application. Maker of BTB, 215 Exclusive, surveyed 100 women and asked them “the pros and cons of dating an elite man.” The top 3 cons according to the survey: #1 sexual performance, #2 out of shape and #3 gray pubic hair.  It’s sold online and at 215 Exclusive, an upscale grooming salon, in Hollywood— of course. You have to check out the testimonials- here.