Anthropologie: Crazy Hot or Crazy Aunt?


I love Anthropologie’s mixed bag of quirky-funky-ethnic-chic, but every now and then I find myself scratching my head over a particular item or ensemble. Normally, I find the styling in the catalogue and on the company’s website inspiring, but sometimes, they  go awry. Case in point: I’m not sure I’d wear any of the pieces in the look on the far left, but I know I certainly wouldn’t wear them all together like that. Who would wear that outfit? Maybe your crazy aunt who reminds you of Eddy on AbFab? Also, I don’t know what I think about the patchwork knit dress in the center, but paired with that denim shirt and jeans, something about it smacks of Grey Gardens. And that’s the lesson here, “funky” needs to be handled in small doses. Never go full Little Edie.