How to Steal Annie Hall’s L.A. Look

Channel Diane Keaton’s breezy style for an outdoor screening of the movie this Saturday

Annie goes to L.A. twice in Annie Hall, which is screening on Saturday in Santa Monica. 

We first see L.A. in the film from inside of a convertible. Alvy and Annie are being driven around by a friend. Alvy complains about Los Angeles as the car weaves through the palm-tree lined streets of Beverly Hills. They pass a shell pink, midcentury movie theater that’s playing House of Exorcism and Messiah of Evil, as if Alvy had projected his anxiety onto the theater’s signs and the letters had trembled into their arrangements. Outside of the car, most of the first trip takes place at a Christmas party in a white house. Almost all of the lanky, wavy-haired guests are wearing white. The furniture and their bodies are angular and the mood is light. Annie is dressed in menswear.

The second time we see Annie in L.A., she’s moved here. Alvy, allergic to the city, flies in from New York in an attempt to win her back. He orders alfalfa sprouts and mashed yeast at the beige restaurant where the two are set to meet. When Annie arrives, her look has morphed. Her kaftan is flowing, her large, ombre sunglasses are sunset-tinted, and her neck is wrapped in a scarf despite it clearly being a hot and sunny L.A. day. She’s carrying the same straw bag that she did in New York, but it no longer looks out of place. She looks relaxed and beautiful.

Pack a picnic of alfalfa sprouts and mashed yeast and see Annie Hall this Saturday, outside. We’ve pulled together everything that you’ll need to replicate the Annie in L.A. look.