Anna Kendrick’s Best of LA


The Oscar nominee voices the lead in this month’s 3-D animated film ParaNorman and sounds off on her favorite local stores

You recently bought your first house. Where do you shop for decor?
Restoration Hardware is a great place to get inspired, especially that new one on Beverly. I’ve also had a lot of furniture made by Landon Cole, on La Brea. You go in with ideas or pictures, and before you know it, you’ve got something real and in your home.

What are you coveting at the moment? 
I’m obsessed with Nest candles and diffusers from Candle Delirium on Santa Monica Boulevard. They have awesome customer service—I never knew anyone could know so much about candles.

Is there a place you frequent?
I go to the Container Store in Century City an obscene amount. I buy tons of drawer dividers and bins.

Which store’s closing would bum you out?
Amoeba Music on Sunset. It seems like the one place that’s left to really discover CDs and DVDs. You go to Amoeba and realize, yes, you absolutely must own Withnail and I or Four Flies on Grey Velvet.



Restoration Hardware
8772 Beverly Boulevard, West Hollywood

Landon Cole
149 South La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles

Candle Delirium
7980 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood 

The Container Store
10250 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles

Amoeba Music
6400 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

Illustration by Alice Tait