An L.A. Spin on Startup Style


If I could, I’d like to fast forward about 60 years from now and see the historic depiction of our era. I bet our generation of tech entrepreneurship, ability to tap into an influencer economy, and the rise of social media will dominate the style story that the future tells of our time.

What will it look like? Sharp, saturated, and sophisticated, if you ask Vogue. Just look at how the magazine tapped into a dystopian and futuristic era when they recently presented a style spread on Google Glass.

That makes sense. It takes creative gall to strike out on your own or team up with a start up, and you can see that ambition expressed in the way that people in the tech field here in L.A. dress. I recently took out some space at Cross Campus of Santa Monica. Their mission aims to get the independent professional out of their soft pants and into a more productive and supportive work environment, one that fosters community and connection. Given the techy interests of my new “office” mates, around here I’m more likely to see the latest trend in fashionable geek gadgetry and reliable eyewear than an asymmetrical skirt or stacked gold rings on every finger.

Here are a few snapshots of the folks in my new work space:

This aesthetic isn’t a style revolution, but technology sure is one, and this is what the people who could end up driving us into the future look like right now. You could call them early adopters. That sounds stylish, right?

Looking for your own fresh take on office wear? Here are some suggestions, sourced on Polyvore:


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