All Tied Up: Four Basic Tie Knots And When to Wear Them

Want to know why your skinny tie looks anemic with your spread-collared shirt? We have the answer.

theessentials_masa_tThe windsor: Named after the Duke of Windsor, who famously abdicated the British throne, this wide knot is intended for cutaway and spread-collared shirts.


theessentials_masa_tThe half-windsor: Use this knot when you’re pairing a fatter tie with a traditional straight collar.


theessentials_masa_tThe four-in-hand: The narrow knot makes this the perfect choice for casual skinny ties and button-down collars.


theessentials_masa_tThe bow tie: This is your only re-spec-table option with a tuxedo shirt. Bow ties also look great with straight or spread collars, but don’t wear them with button-downs.