After Unleashing Human Backpacks, Rick Owens Opens in L.A.

The Paris-based designer’s brand new L.A. flagship is over-the-top—and it works

Rick Owens made headlines during Paris Fashion Week by sending models down the runway with real live humans strapped onto them like backpacks. But the runway stunt was nothing compared to the outré details found in Owens’ newly opened L.A. store on La Brea Avenue. Owens has an affection for his former hometown—he started his line here in  the ’90s, while living at the Chateau Marmont on Sunset, before relocating to Paris. “Hollywood is about self-invention,” Owens says, “and that’s where I invented myself. So opening a store there is kind of a special moment.”

The 5,200-square-foot former ribbon factory is an awesomely eerie homage to the city, with a wall made of fog that can be turned on with the push of a button, a “swimming pool” that’s a floor-to-ceiling water tank filled with goo, and a well-manicured outdoor space. All of this is encased in an all-white interior, topped with a soaring ceiling. Then there are the glass tables and dressing room ottomans—supported by a striking likeness of Owens lying on his back, knee-high shoes in the air. From the street, the space looks like an ivory-colored box marked with just a whisper of Owens’ signature.

Every piece of Owens’ signature drapey, Gothic men’s and women’s collections, footwear, bags, and accessories are available, as well as fine jewelry by Owens’ wife, Michele Lamy, select coffee table books, gigantic ceramic vessels, and a few high-end pieces for the home.

The shop is located at 819 N La Brea Avenue.